Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SQL Server Data Compare free today

*** This promotion has expired - we are planning a re-run in the next few days, stay tuned***

Today only (check the post date), you can get a free license for one of our most popular tools, SQL Server Data Compare, normally $349. To get the license you will need to first find the discount code which is composed of the first letter of the first feature (under the "Features" section on the product page) of the following products in order: xSQL Schema Compare, xSQL Data Compare, xSQL Script Executor, xSQL Profiler, xSQL Documenter, xSQL Builder, xSQL RSS Reporter, xSQL Object Search - so the code will have 8 letters. Once you find the code then do the following:
  • go to the SQL Server Data Compare page
  • click on "Order" button on the right hand side
  • under the "Licensing Options" select the first item "DPN2-1U"
  • on the next page, by default we include the 1 year maintenance which is not part of this deal so if you don't want to pay anything select the "No maintenance" option
  • click on the "Add to Cart" button
  • on the shopping cart page plug in the discount code that you identified above and click on "Apply Discount" - that will subtract the full $349 from the price
  • proceed with the checkout to obtain your license.
  • One license per customer.
  • Licenses cannot be resold or transferred.
  • Do not publish the code - any licenses obtained by individuals that did not visit each of the 8 product pages above will be invalidated.
  • The deal expires on 11:59 PM EST on September 11, 2013
Post any comments and/or suggestions here please - we will respond as promptly as we can.


  1. create function that updates the data tables that are replicated with more failure that has an option to not generate deletion of records that have in the other one has not. You can even generate it within the script but commented to not run.

  2. You made me work for that discount code, but still so worth it. Love your products.

  3. Took some doing but got there in the end. Did not see an OPN2-1U item but chose the most similar one. Thanks.

    1. Sorry about that Brian - it should have been DPN2-1U, we have corrected it now.

  4. Got it. Thanks. Looking forward to "comparing" it to other solutions.

  5. Thank you for this it is greatly appreciated.

  6. hmmm ... unable to crack the discount code

    The code that I tried was: RCDTSRGS

    The feature list was as follows. Not sure what is wrong here

    Robust Comparison Engine
    Comparison Engine
    Deploy multiple Sql scripts on multiple servers
    Trace multiple servers at once

    Supports all objects
    Ready-to-deploy executable
    Generate standard RSS feeds containing SQL Server job information
    Search on one or all databases:

    1. It's the time Das - this expired at midnight US Eastern time, sorry.

  7. Offer email received in UK 19:31 local time after end of working day
    By start or work next day offer had expired :(

    1. Sorry about that jmc - the plan was to launch this early in the morning our time so that it would reach the Eurozone before the end of the workday but things got delayed. We are thinking of doing a re-run soon since there are a lot of unhappy users that missed it because of the time difference. Stay tuned.