Thursday, November 3, 2016

SQL Data Compare Command Line Wizard - Automate Data synchronization in minutes

xSQL Data Compare V9 comes with a Data Compare Command Line Wizard that makes automating the data synchronization process a breeze:

  1. Run the xSQL Data Compare Command Line Wizard which you will find under All Programs / xSQL Software;
  2. Follow the intuitive configuration steps to completion (you will end up with an xml config file); You can choose whether the database synchronization script will be executed or not. 
  3. Create a simple batch file that calls "xSQLDataCmd.exe YourXMLConfi,xml" and does whatever else you might need it to do like archiving old sync scripts etc. 
  4. Schedule a job that executes the batch file daily or however often you might want to. 

What do you need this for? There are multiple scenarios where this would come in handy:
- synchronizing your web database with your internal databases, like updating inventories, updating orders, updating order status, updating customer lists etc.
- synchronizing your branch office databases with your central repository;
- restoring a particular table or column(s) in case of a mishap.
- etc.

Best of all: the xSQL Data Compare is completely free for SQL Server Express, no strings attached. That may change in the future but for now enjoy using it!


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