Monday, December 17, 2012

SQL Schema Compare with Snapshot Utility

We just published a new build of xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server. Here are the highlights of the new build:
  1. Snapshot Utility - allows you to take database schema snapshots via the command line. You can now for example, automatically take a daily snapshot of the database schema and then, whenever you need to, go back and see what schema changes were made from one snapshot to another or from one snapshot to the live database.
  2. Snapshot Converter - a standalone tool that allows you to convert in bulk database snapshots created with previous versions of the xSQL Schema Compare.
  3. UI support for old schema snapshots - adds UI support for snapshots created with previous version of the xSQL Schema Compare
  4. New command line features - object exclusion by type or name, new element for complex schema filters, new elements for comparison options etc.
  5. Bug fixes - fixes some issues with the Command Line utility.
You can download the new build of xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server from our site:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A deal a day for the rest of 2012

If you visit our site today you will notice that the rolling product slides on top have been replaced by a single more "festive" slide - click on the "LEARN MORE" button to see what the deal of the day is.

For the next 19 days of 2012 we will be running many different exciting promotions - visit the site daily to see what's on for a given day.

Note: the deals are distributed randomly - they will NOT get progressively better or worse as we approach the end of the year so if you see a deal that appeals to you don't wait for a better one as it may never come.

Today's deal is buy one license and get a second one free.