Friday, February 8, 2013

Installing xSQL Comparison Bundle on Windows 8

When installing our comparison tools (SQL Schema Compare and SQL Data Compare) on a Windows 8 machine the installation may fail with the message “SQL Server Comparison Bundle v4 Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error” (see screen shot below).

Cause: by default on a Windows 8 machine only .NET Framework 4.5 is enabled whereas previous versions of the .NET Framework are not enabled.  

Solution: enable .NET Framework 3.5 (this includes .NET 3 and .NET 2) on your machine. To do this go to Control Panel / Programs / Programs and Features / Turn Windows Features on or off and then check the “.NET Framework 3.5.1” checkbox and click OK (the machine needs to be connected to the Internet while this is being done. After enabling .NET Framework 3.5.1 re-run the installation of xSQL Comparison Bundle and it should install without a problem.


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