Monday, April 29, 2013

xSQL Profiler prices slashed more than 70%

Recently we took a "deep dive" into the feedback we have received regarding our xSQL Profiler and have come to realize that while the single SQL Server instance license is sufficient for a good percentage of our users, there are many of you that would have liked to trace multiple SQL Server instances simultaneously but found the prices for a 5 or more SQL Server instances license prohibitively expensive.

Today we are changing that, we have slashed the xSQL Profiler prices to the point where we believe anyone who needs a multi-server license can easily afford it. Here are the new prices for xSQL Profiler:
  • 1 SQL Server -> $0 (no change)
  • 5 SQL Server Instances -> $199
  • 10 SQL Server Instances -> $349
  • 20 SQL Server Instances -> $699
  • 100 SQL Server Instances -> $1,299
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