Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Free Silver Subscription today and tomorrow - treasure hunt

Today and tomorrow only (August 20 and 21 of 2014), you can get a free 6 months Silver Subscription license that includes 4 of our most popular tools, xSQL Schema Compare, xSQL Data Compare, Script Executor and xSQL Builder, normally $249. To get the license you will need to first find the discount code which is composed of the first letter of the third feature (under the "Features" section on the product page) of the following products in order: xSQL Schema Compare, xSQL Schema Compare SDK, xSQL Data Compare, xSQL Script Executor, xSQL Profiler, xSQL Documenter, xSQL Builder, xSQL RSS Reporter - so the code will have 8 letters. Once you find the code then do the following:
  • go to the Purchase / Silver Subscription
  • select the SN6M-1L1U (Single-User, 6-Month license) 
  • on the shopping cart page plug in the discount code that you identified above and click on "Apply Discount" - that will subtract the full $249 from the price
  • proceed with the checkout to obtain your license.
  • One license per customer.
  • Licenses cannot be resold or transferred.
  • Do not publish the code - any licenses obtained by individuals that did not visit each of the 8 product pages above will be invalidated.
  • The deal expires on 11:59 PM EST on August 21, 2014
Post any comments and/or suggestions here please - we will respond as promptly as we can.


  1. Thank you, it was fun finding the discount code :)

    Silver Subscription
    Single-User, 6-Month License
    From: August 20, 2014 Until: February 27, 2015

  2. Thanks for the discount, xSQL Data Compare is very cool!

  3. So, will the apps stop working after 6 months?

    1. The compare tools (xSQL Schema Compare and xSQL Data Compare) will continue to work as Lite edition after the 6 months are over ( details here whereas the xSQL Builder and Script Executor will not work unless you renew the subscription.

  4. Thank you , a great offer and an innovative way to market.

  5. Many thanks for the free 6 months usage. I sure would be ready to obtain a license in 6 months.