Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fastest way to create and distribute a dynamic report from SQL Server

From request to delivery in 5 minutes or less! xSQL RSS Reporter for SQL Server enables you to generate standard Atom or RSS feeds containing any data that you are authorized to pull from a SQL Server database. The concept is very simple, you write a query that will be executed against a database and if the query executes successfully, RSS Reporter will automatically provide the output of that query in a standard Atom or RSS feed format that can be consumed from any device, anywhere. All that's left to do is send the url link to the individuals you wish to distribute the report to - every time they they open that report they will see the current data which can also be refreshed on demand. They can also filter and sort the report as they wish.

Here is a screen shot showing how you can define the feed/ report:

Download now and see what you have been missing!


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