Monday, July 3, 2017

A license for your opinion

We want to hear your thoughts regarding our xSQL Profiler tool. In exchange we will grant you a "5 SQL Server Instances" license with 3 years of unlimited upgrades, a total value of over $1.5K.

What are the conditions:

  • you must have used xSQL Profiler in the last 3 months and preferably are currently using it. 
  • you agree to email us your candid answers to the following questions:
    • how long have you used xSQL Profiler?
    • what exactly do you use it for?
    • how often do you use the tool?
    • what do you like about the tool?
    • what new features would be helpful to you (be specific)?
    • how would you change / improve the existing features to make them more useful?
  • you agree to reply to at least 2 follow-up emails for the purpose of clarifying your suggestions. 
If you are interested please email us at and reference xSQL Profiler on the subject line. 

Only the first 10 people to email us will get the license. If you are not one of the first 10 we will decide on a case by case bases whether we will grant you a license based on the quality of your feedback. 


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