Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lookup table changes

Whenever you publish a new version of your application chances are that in addition of the database schema changes you also need to publish changes you have made on your lookup tables. xSQL Object makes the publishing of the schema changes a breeze but how about the values on those lookup tables? The answer is xSQL Data Compare which allows you to:
  • Select the tables you need to compare and sync
  • Filter out the rows that you might not want to sync
  • Review the differences 
  • Generate the sync script 
  • Execute the sync script (this step in the process will publish all the data changes you made on development into the production database).
In addition of the granular control over the process there are three features that make xSQL Data Compare the ideal sql tool for the job:
  1.  “Configure once”: xSQL Data Compare saves all your comparison configuration settings in a comparison “session” so that next time you can launch the comparison with one click and complete the whole data synchronization process with two more clicks (one to generate the sync script and one to execute the sync script).
  2. Command line utility: allows you to run the comparison and synchronization in one step from the command line. 
  3. It is completely free for SQL Server Express without any limitations and it is also free for other editions of SQL Server as long as the number of objects in your database does not exceed certain limits.
Download your copy today and discover for yourself why thousands of users around the world swear by this simple but extremely helpful sql tool.


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