Monday, March 12, 2012 is now

We are very excited to announce that as of March 10, 2012 the primary domain for xSQL Software is  Here are a few housekeeping items:
  • Email addresses: all email addresses have been changed to the new domain so is now and so on. The old addresses have been forwarded to the corresponding new addresses. 
  • License activation: if you have an older build of any of our tools and you have acquired a license you might not be able to activate the license as the license activation services that were running under the are no longer available. In such case you can either download a new build of the tool or generate a license request file and email it to us (instructions are provided on the license activation window).
  • Links to our site: if you have linked to our website from your blog or your site we would be grateful if you would make the effort of updating the url with the new domain. The old url should work fine too but it would be very helpful to us if you did update the url.
Chronology for the curious: when we launched our first web site in 2004 our desire was to get the domain but unfortunately we were not able to secure it then so we decided to go instead with In 2007 after a complete revamp of our site and our key tools we decided that we did not like the dash in the url anymore and thought that it was better to have a longer url without dashes than a short one with dashes. Hence, our main domain became Now, 8 years later we have what we wanted in the first place – the easy to remember, easy to type, elegant url: And yes, this is the end of our quest for the perfect domain - no more changes.
If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us and don't forget to check out our tools:


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