Friday, November 4, 2016

Get a Free 1 Year Silver Subscription (normally $299) if you can – fun promo

[Promo has expired ] 
Today only (check the post date), you can get a free 1 year Silver Subscription, normally $299, but you will have to work for it. PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH THE CODE ONCE YOU FIND IT – DON’T RUIN THE FUN FOR EVERYONE! If we find that the code has been published we will immediately terminate the promotion.

Here is what you will have to do: visit the page of the each of the 8 tools listed on the top of the right hand panel on this blog (under the heading "Download Our Tools") in the order that they appear there. From each product's page pick the first letter from the third line in the "Highlights" section. Perform a "Bitwise Exclusive OR" operation between the Ascii values of each of the letters you picked (the letters have to be in order) - the number you get from that operation (the binary number) is the code you can use to get a 1 year Silver Subscription license for $0
Once you find the code then do the following:

  • Go to the Silver Subscription page
  • Select SN1Y-1L1U (Single-User, 1-Year License)
  • On the shopping cart page plug in the discount code that you identified above and click on "Apply Discount" - that will subtract the full $299 from the price 
  • Proceed with the checkout to obtain your license. 


  • One license per customer.
  • Licenses cannot be resold or transferred.
  • Do not publish the code - any licenses obtained by individuals that did not visit each of the 8 product pages above will be invalidated. 
  • The deal expires on 11:59 PM EST on October 4, 2016

Post any comments and/or suggestions here please - we will respond as promptly as we can.


  1. Well, I tried and failed, I hope you publish the solution. Unless the offer really did expire a month ago, like it says in the post.

    1. Sorry you had trouble with finding the code Glenn! The code is still valid until midnight. Please make sure to drop any leading zeros when you convert the result to binary.

    2. Well, I figured it out.

      The post says "each of the 8 tools listed on the top of the right hand panel" so I used 8 numbers, assuming the SDK was excluded.

      When I included the 9th number from the 9th tool, I got a code that worked.

      Or the site took pity on me :)

      Either way, thanks for the free sub!

  2. Very sorry about this Glen! You're correct, it should have said 9 tools instead of 8. We'll correct and re-run the promo next week.