Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Download SQL Server 2000

Surprisingly, there are still a lot of people asking "where can I download SQL Server 2000 from?" so here are a couple of helpful links:
Note that SQL Server 2000 is reaching the end of its life (support for it ends on April 2013) so consider downloading SQL Server 2008 instead unless you don't have a choice.
Also, here are some of our tools that support SQL Server 2000:
  • xSQL Object allows you to compare and synchronize database schemas and it is free for MSDE 2000;
  • xSQL Data Compare allows you to compare and synchronize data between two databases and it is also free for MSDE 2000
  • xSQL Profiler allows you to trace multiple SQL Server instances including tracing MSDE instances and it is free for one SQL Server instance.
  • Script Executor allows you to execute SQL Scripts against multiple databases; 
  • xSQL Documenter generates CHM and HTML documentation for any database including SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000. 
  • RSS Reporter allows you to generate rss feeds from SQL Server and it is free for one SQL Server instance.
Applies to:
  • download SQL Server 2000
  • descargar SQL Server 2000
  • download MSDE
  • download SQL Server tools


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