Friday, February 10, 2012

Find SQL Server Database Objects quickly with the free xSQL Object Search

As a database administrator or developer you often need to search for database objects like tables, stored procedures, views etc., in one or more databases. You might be trying to find a stored procedure the name of which contains a certain string or let's say a function that contains a certain string in the definition. You can, of course, find the objects you are looking for by querying the system tables that contain the names and definitions of those objects, but why waste your time when you can do this better and faster using our free xSQL Object Search?
With xSQL Object Search you can quickly search one or all the databases on a SQL Server instance at once. xSQL Object Search allows you to search SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 databases for objects that match a search pattern. The pattern you specify is matched against two properties of the database objects: name and definition. The name of an object is its identifier used when the object is created, it is the same name that appears in the Management Studio object tree. The definition, for the purpose of the search, is the T-SQL that defines the object. For a stored procedure, for example, the definition is the statement that was used to create the stored procedure. The definition of an object is not the same as the T-SQL script that can be used to re-create that object. A table, like all database objects, can be created via a T-SQL script, but has no definition in the database. The following are the database objects that have a definition:
  • Views
  • Stored Procedures (excluding CLR procedures, which have no definition in the database)
  • User-Defined Functions (excluding CLR functions)
  • Defaults (both constraints and stand-alone defaults)
  • Rules
  • DML Triggers (excluding CLR triggers)
  • Database DDL Triggers
  • Server DDL Triggers
xSQL Object Search can search the names of the objects, their definitions (when the object has one) or both. The results of the search against each property are combined with AND or OR depending on the preferences to produce the final result set.

xSQL Object Search is free and does not require any installation or licensing, simply download and run - no hassle and no strings attached.


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