Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free alternative for comparing and synchronizing SQL database schema

Is there a free alternative to sql schema compare tools? Yes there is, it is called xSQL Schema Compare and it is one of the best sql compare tools you can find. Is that completely free for everybody? Based on our statistics, the free lite edition of xSQL Schema Compare is all that 95% of potential users need, and here is why:
  • As far as functionality is concerned the free lite edition is exactly the same as the $499 professional edition;
  • If the databases you are comparing and synchronizing are SQL Express databases there are no restrictions – the experience is exactly the same as if you had purchased a professional license;
  • Only when, at least one of the databases in the comparison is on a SQL Server edition other than the Express edition then we count the number of objects in that database and if the number is greater than certain limits we have set then you will be kindly asked to purchase a license.
The companion tool, xSQL Data Compare (you download both tools in one package) is also free for SQL Server Express with no limitations and free for other editions of SQL Server with some restrictions.

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