Thursday, February 4, 2021

Customizing database deployment package - xSQL Builder

xSQL Software's Builder for SQL Server is designed to automate the database deployment to clients that cannot access the "master" database. The Builder accomplishes that goal by embedding a database schema snapshot in the deployment package and then comparing that snapshot to the target when the deployment package is executed on the client. The process is easy and straight forward, but, every scenario has its own particulars and despite the customizations that the Builder interface allows, it cannot address all of those scenarios. 

Therefore, together with the self-contained database deployment package, the Builder for SQL Server also provides the source code for that package. xSQL Builder uses a set of template files to generate the executable package. The template files are written in C# and contain the code that compares and synchronizes the client database with the imbedded master database (note that only the schema of the master database is imbedded in the deployment package, not the whole database). When you download the xSQL Builder the download package also includes a VS.NET 2015 C# project that you can run or modify as needed.

When you generate an executable package, the xSQL Builder package configuration wizard performs the following actions:

  • Copies the configuration files and the master database snapshot to the \Resources subfolder under the main folder of the code template.
  • Compiles all the template files with extension .cs and generates the executable package. Only the .cs files in the main folder are compiled. Files that are located in subfolders are ignored.

You can choose to run the code template from the VS.NET and get the same result as you would get by running the executable. 

To run the code template project in VS.NET do the followings:
  • Add references to the builder runtime dll. You can find these dll in the xSQL builder installation folder usually under \Program Files\xSQL Software\xSQL Builder
  • Add the files config.xml and the master database snapshot file in the VS.NET project. Both files are located in the \Resources sub-folder. In the VS.NET property window, set the "Build Action" property to "Embedded Resource" for both files.
The xSQL Builder template project requires the following dlls:
  • xSQL.Builder.Core.dll
  • xSQL.Utils.dll
  • xSQL.Schema.Core.dll
  • xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.dll
  • xSQL.SchemaCompare.SqlServer.dll
  • xSQL.Licensing.v4.dll
  • c1.c1zip.dll
All the dll-s are located in the Builder installation folder, usually under \Program Files (x86)\xSQL Software\Builder v<n>\ where n is the version number.

Download xSQL Builder now and try. 


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