Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Scripting a database object in .NET using Schema Compare SDK

In addition of allowing you to take schema snapshots, compare, and synchronize the schemas of two SQL Server databases, Schema Compare SDK for SQL Server also allows you to easily generate the T-SQL script for any object. The script can be of the type CREATE, DROP, ALTER (if ALTER is supported for the given object type) or a combination of those. 

Here's how easy it is to generate the script in your code:

using xSQL.Schema.Core;
using xSQL.Schema.SqlServer;
using xSQL.SchemaCompare.SqlServer;

namespace xSQL.Sdk.SchemaCompare.Examples
    class Scripting
        /// <summary>
        /// This method reads the schema of the database AdventureWorks and scripts the table Employee.
        /// </summary>
        public static void Script()
            SqlServer server;
            SqlDatabase database;
            SqlTable table;
            ScriptingOptions options;
                //--create the SQL Server object
                server = new SqlServer(@"(local)");

                //--create the database object
                database = server.GetDatabase("AdventureWorks");

                //--attach an event handler to database.SchemaOperation event in order to get progress information during the schema read
                database.SchemaOperation += new EventHandler<SchemaOperationEventArgs>(database_SchemaOperation);

                //--read the database schema

                //--create scripting options;
                options = new ScriptingOptions();
                options.CreateScript = true;
                options.DropScript = false;
                options.AlterScript = false;

                //--locate and script the Employee table
                table = database.SqlTables["HumanResources", "Employee"];
                if (table != null)
            catch (Exception ex)

        private static void database_SchemaOperation(object sender, SchemaOperationEventArgs e)
            //--exclude verbose messages
            if (e.Message.MessageType != OperationMessageTypeEnum.Verbose)


Download Schema Compare SDK now and try this. 


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