Tuesday, February 2, 2021

What is xSQL's Builder for SQL Server?

The easiest way to explain what xSQL Software's Builder for SQL Server would be to list some of the key challenges that anyone who has ever shipped database driven software to clients is familiar with.

  • Most likely access to the client databases that need to be upgraded is not available - the client has to perform the upgrade on his own;
  • The "master" or "reference" database that you want to push out to the clients may not be reachable from the clients' machines;
  • Your clients don't necessarily upgrade in tandem - some clients may be three versions behind some two versions behind etc. so you cannot push out a standard upgrade script for all;
  • You may have customized your solution for some clients and a standard upgrade path may result in those customizations being wiped out. Therefore, for certain clients you may need to run custom T-SQL scripts before and/or after synchronizing the client's database to the master database;
  • Generating a ready-to-deploy executable package for all your clients, instead of sql scripts that would be alien to many of your clients, is highly desirable;
  • Generate a package for your .NET deployment solution or other setup and deployment utilities so that the database upgrade is presented as an integral part of the software upgrade is also desirable;
  • Every situation is different so you need to be able to customize the deployment package before generating it;
  • Receiving a notifications via email when the database deployment package fails to complete all the tasks would be very helpful to you;
  • Logging all operations that are performed on the client machine during the package deployment is not only the prudent thing to do but it's a necessity.

Builder for SQL Server was designed specifically with those challenges in mind, providing a wizard based interface that allows you to create, fully customizable, self contained, ready-to-deploy executable packages. 

Download the Builder for SQL Server now. 


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