Tuesday, February 2, 2021

How does xSQL Builder work?

The main idea behind xSQL Builder is the automation of the deployment of database changes to multiple clients. How does the Builder it accomplish that goal? In one sentence: it generates a self-contained executable that propagates the schema of a master database to the clients on which it's executed. As the above sentence implies, there are two big parts to this:

1. Generating the self-contained executable package. The following diagram illustrates the actions that the Builder performs when generating the ready-to-deploy executable package. All the actions shown on the diagram are performed as the user goes step by step through the wizard. Most actions are self-explanatory but the "update .NET template project" may not be obvious. Together with the executable package, the Builder also generates a .NET project that contains the source code that will run on the client machine. The purpose of the project is to allow you to modify the code if necessary and then generate the executable - this allows you to customize the deployment package beyond the standard customization provided by the wizard. 

2. Executing the package. The following diagram illustrates the actions performed on the client. 

Download xSQL Builder now and see for yourself how it makes deploying database changes to clients easy, safe and efficient. 


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