Monday, January 25, 2021

Database deployment made easy with xSQL Builder

If you are a software publisher and your software utilizes a SQL Server database on the back-end you have most likely faced the daunting task of pushing schema changes down to your customers. A lot of publishers will ship a "database upgrade" script as part of the software upgrade, but successfully executing that script on the target machine is very challenging for most customers. That is where our Builder for SQL Server comes in - it was designed exactly for that purpose. Here is how it works:

  • in a few easy steps you create an executable package that includes a schema snapshot of the "reference" version, that is the version you wish to push down to your customers
  • you may also include custom pre and post synchronization scripts for certain customers
  • you ship the self-contained executable to the customer
  • when the customer executes it all it needs to provide is the target database and the necessary credentials
  • the executable will compare the reference schema with the target, generate the sync script and execute the script on the target 
  • it will also send a notification back to you reporting whether the upgrade was successful or not and if not you will receive additional info on the cause of failure. 
Download now and see how easy it is. Let us know what you think - your feedback is what guides us as we work to make the products better for you. 


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