Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Oracle Schema Compare - Entity Filters

When comparing the schemas of two Oracle databases users of xSQL Software's Oracle Schema Compare tool, generally don't have to worry about any specific settings or options that the tool offers, they just add the databases to the workspace, compare them, generate synchronization script and execute the script on the target. However, in some case your schemas may be complex or very complex containing thousands of object like tables, views, functions, procedures etc. - in those cases, instead of a few seconds the comparison operation may take much longer. Furthermore, often you know that certain objects never change and do not need to be compared so excluding those from the comparison could be very helpful. That's where the entity filters come in. Entity filters allow you to exclude schema objects based on some predefined criteria. You could exclude, for example, tables whose name starts with TEST_, views ending with "_TEMP", procedures by name, function using regular expressions and more.

Oracle Schema Compare allows you to creates filters for specific object types, such as tables, views, procedures. A filter is a set of name-selecting criteria, combined with the OR/AND operator. If you wish to exclude, for example, all tables whose name starts with DEV_ or TEST_, you could create the following filter (notice the OR operator):

   Table filter: name starting with "DEV_" OR name starting with "TEST_"

If you wish to exclude all but two views, whose name are V_EMPLOYEES and V_JOBS, the filter would be as follows (notice the AND operator):

   View filter: name != "V_EMPLOYEES" AND name != V_JOBS

To create an entity filter:

  • Launch the Entity Filters from the Ribbon link, the Comparison Form context menu, or via the Entity Filters button in the schema selection form.
  • Select the object type, for which the filter is intended, such as Tables or Views.
  • Click on the "(new...)" link and create the filter criteria. Add as many criteria as you need
  • To change the criteria operator, from OR to AND or vice versa, simply click on one operator.
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