Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Oracle Schema Compare - supported objects

xSQL Software's Oracle Schema Compare tool supports the majority of the Oracle object types, such as: tables (relational tables, object tables and xml tables); views (standard views, object views and xml views); functions; procedures; packages; synonyms; sequences; object types; collection types; triggers on tables, views or schema; primary keys on tables or views; unique constraints on tables or views; check constraints; foreign keys on tables or views, indexes on tables or clusters; xml indexes; spatial indexes; domain indexes. 

By default, all object types are included in the comparison and synchronization process, but the user can choose to include or exclude certain object types depending on the use-case. However, the user should be aware that excluding objects of a given type may cause the synchronization script to fail due to missing dependencies. 

Download a free fully functional 3-week trial now and try for yourself. Oracle Schema Compare supports Oracle Schemas from 10g up to 19c. 

Questions, comments and suggestions on how to improve our Oracle Schema Compare are greatly appreciated. 


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